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Teaching English in Dubai: What Opportunities Await You?

Dubai is home to some of the entire UAE’s highest paid professionals: English teachers. Salaries start at around $3,000, depending on your experience and the type of school in which you would like to teach. Benefit packages are also quite competitive, including health insurance, roundtrip airfare for annual home visits, and even accommodation. To top it all, your salary is tax-free!

The above are the most important details that must be clearly spelled out in your contract before you add your signature. But before that, what types of teaching opportunities are in Dubai?

One thing’s for certain: English-teaching opportunities in Dubai are as varied as they are plenty. That means there’s a greater possibility of you finding a job, no matter your specialty (ESL, international test review, one-on-one tutoring, etc.). If teaching in a traditional school campus excites you, there are opportunities to explore.

Private Schools

Dubai has many private schools that cater to the city’s growing affluent class. The language of instruction in these schools is usually English, so you have many opportunities to consider, both in ESL programs and in subject classes.

Language Centers

Dubai is a global city that offers a variety of language courses, the most popular of which is obviously English. Adult expats are the most common students of English courses as they need this knowledge for their day-to-day business communications. Some of the most lucrative ESL jobs in Dubai are offered by language institutes, so if you’re confident about your participles and subordinate conjunctions, this could be the perfect opportunity for you.

Public Schools

Dubai’s public education system has improved significantly throughout the decades.

All Dubai residents may now enroll, but free education will still be available exclusively to Emirati students. Foreign teachers in public schools are not as highly paid as those in private schools, but there is so much that you can learn from the UAE’s aggressive education reforms.

Private Homes

There are also opportunities in Dubai for those who would like to become private tutors. With this option, you will be working for extremely rich or prominent families, such as princes and princesses. These positions though are often advertised through recruiting agencies.

Wherever you land in Dubai with a teaching job, expect students to have great enthusiasm for learning. You may also find how popular the use of information technology is, both in private and public education. Thus, make sure you are well-prepared for the challenge.

Lastly, do honest-to-goodness research when looking for opportunities for English teachers in Dubai. Many people have been victimized by scammers, but don’t fret. Provided you do your homework, especially when it comes to choosing a recruiter, everything should be fine.

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